Private consulting

Dr. Lidiya Zeydan
Dr. Lidiya Zeydan (MD)
  • Аnti-aging hormone therapy doctor
  • Obstetrics & gynecologist medical doctor
  • A member of the medical organization A4M (anti-aging and hormone therapy)
  • 25 years in medical nutrition
  • 15 500 +clients
  • The author and creator of "Quantum nutrition" program (authorized program, a peace of science, protected all over the world by authorized law)
  • Bodylab by Lidiya Zeydan, owner
  • Opinion leader and influencer (social media blogs) - audience 145 000 followers
Private consulting is "a must" when
Not satisfied with the way you look and your body qualities
Feel permanent tiredness, no energy
Finally would like to be an expert in medical nutrition for your own needs
Planning your pregnancy and quick rehabilitation after childbirth
Sick and tired from being in uneffective/dangerous diets
Have a strong intention to achieve your best version
At age 40,50,60 you want to look minus 15-25 years old
Tired to feel mediocre, you want more
Would like to level up your life qualities
After consulting you:
Get personalised program to achieve your body goals
Choose your options
Full consultation (first visit)
1. 2 hours duration
2. Examination, Blood analysis interpretation, creating personalized, authorized nutrition program
3. Personalized therapy prescriptions
1 100 €
Medical consultation (second visit)
1. 1 hour duration
2. Examination, blood tests interpretation
3. Personalized program corrections
* recommended to visit twice a year
550 €
1 month support
4 sessions (full consulting+mastermind)
10 000 €
Unique three month course 
Guaranteed result "100 days with Dr.Lidiya Zeydan

22 500 €
Annual support
55 00 €
"To do" list for consultation:
Dare to have your 1000%
Know your current “location”
Know your desired “destination”
Blood tests required
Make an appointment
We create your best version
FOP Zeydan Lidiya Vladimirovna